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Hey, what’s for dinner?

With a range that’s easy to prepare, with either no artificial colours or flavours and a source of protein and iron, Vegie Delights are a compromise-free way to include plant-based alternatives into easy weekday meals.

Vegie Delights are proudly Australian made and owned, by Sanitarium Health Food Company who have been making plant based meals since 1900.

You can find Vegie Delights in the fridge, freezer or canned meals section of your local supermarket.

The Vegie Delights range are also suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, and contain a source of Zinc and B12.
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Our History


1900: From Humble Beginnings

At the turn of the 20th Century, Sanitarium began production of its canned vegetarian products at Cooranbong, NSW. The earliest of these was Nuttose (Dec, 1899).


1908: The Terrific Twins

Nutmeat and Nut Cheese (forerunner to Nutolene) begin manufacturing at the factory in Cooranbong, NSW. Sanitarium produced and manufactured all its cans and canned products on-site at Cooranbong for over 60 years.

1950s - 1980s

1950s - 1980s: Spreading the Love

Sanitarium broadens its product range to include fan-favorites such as Vegetarian sausages (1958), Vegielinks (1969) and BBQ sausages (1984).

The company also begins exporting to the Pacific Islands in the 1980s, expanding the benefits of plant-based eating beyond Australian borders.


1992: Onwards and Upwards

As the company continues to grow, production of Sanitarium’s canned products relocates to the newly-developed Berkeley Vale factory in NSW.


1997-1999: Plant-Based Bonanza

Sanitarium acquires and launches an array of vegetarian brands and products. Among these are Today’s Gourmet (1997), Longa Life (1998), and Soy Healthy (1999).


2005: A Familiar Face

Combining the existing product lines from Soy Healthy, Longa Life, and Today’s Gourmet brands, Sanitarium launched the brand Vegie Delights. It quickly becomes the market leader in an initially niche plant-based market. The brand’s product range consists of burgers, sausages, chicken style products, mince, deli slices and roasts. Many remain in production to this day.


2009-2012: United as One

Vegie Delights becomes Sanitarium’s all-encompassing vegetarian brand, incorporating its existing canned products. (Nutolene and other canned images)


2015: A Place to Call Home

A meals-specific manufacturing facility opens adjacent to the Berkely Vale site in NSW.


2016-2017: Vegie Goes Digital

Vegie Delights takes to your screens, launching our Instagram and Facebook pages. Recipe inspiration, competitions, product updates; we’re spreading the plant-based love one post at a time.