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Vegetarian Sausages

Have it grilled or barbecued. These sausages are convenient and handy for long trips. They have the perfect flavour and are a great plant-based addition to any sausage sizzle. Read More

vegetarian sausage

Vegie Sausages

You can’t have the perfect summer BBQ without our Vegie Sausage. So tasty and flavourful, they are a great vegan friendly alternative for bangers and mash, breakfast and casseroles. Read More

vegie sausages

Classic Hot Dogs

There is no end to the versatility and deliciousness of these tasty meat-free Hot Dogs. An all-time favourite, they are great in sausage rolls, buns and other tasty creations. Read More

hot dogs

Thick BBQ Sausages

Perfect for vegan-friendly bangers & mash, as a pizza topping or sliced up with pasta. Read More