deli slices

Easy-to-peel, packed with flavour and a source of protein & B12.

Australia’s most trusted vegetarian brand1 launches next generation Pepperoni-style slices. The new innovation from Vegie Delights (Life Health Foods) is now hitting Australian supermarket shelves alongside improved versions of Vegie Delights’ much-loved Bacon-style rashers and Chicken-style slices in October.

Dean Epps, General Manager Life Health Foods Australia says the new Pepperoni-style slices were formulated with the sensory experience in mind and have already had a stellar reaction by consumers who have tried them in the first week of launch.

“We’ve already seen consumers get really excited about our new Pepperoni-style slices, particularly when it comes to the flavour and texture. Our product development team, here on the Central Coast, NSW, spent months trialling and perfecting this new recipe and have landed on a formulation that looks and tastes just like the real thing. We’re also rapt to be delivering an easy-peel product, an attribute that has proven a huge challenge for many vegan deli slices, our own included in the past.”

The new Pepperoni-style slices are perfect for pizza, home cooked meals, quick entrees or as part of a plant-based platter and are packaged in a new recyclable tray which provides an easy-to-peel format.

Vegie Delights has applied this improved packaging format across the rest of the Deli-style slices range to ensure that they are now all easy to peel. The brand has also developed an all new recipe for Chicken-style slices that take taste and texture to the next level whilst maintaining a good source of protein. All the products in Vegie Delights’ slices range are packed with flavour and provide a source of protein. Much like other Vegie Delights products, this new and improved range is no-fuss, accessible and easy-to-use for everyone; from full-time vegans to those looking to reduce their meat intake.

All slices within the Vegie Delights range are 100% vegan and Australian made. The range is fortified with essential nutrients such as Iron, Zinc and Vitamin B12. The products have absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Each product has also received a Health Star Rating of 3.5 or above. This offers a significant improvement compared to animal meat equivalents, with a recent Food Frontier report highlighting how much more nutritious plant-based Bacon products were, noting a sample of meat-based Bacon products averaged only 0.5 of a star – the lowest rating possible.2

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